Beautiful, Children, and Party: None Children of Eorzea is recruiting for FC or LS! RP-friendly & content too! Beautiful orphanage & daycare.All are welcome! A Location Time Limit JEDF 35 minutes remaining Mateus Specify Item Level None Status 7 players remaini… Send /tell Join Party Back Nothing suspicious going on here #Lalafellarentchildrenbtw

Reddit, Shit, and Yo: Pearl INarrator] After being dismissed by the phrase “ok boomer the boomers scrambled for a form of retaliation against the other wastelanders. None was found. After about two weeks no one gave a shit and the phrase became equivalent of “yo mama” and “dez nuts”. The boomers never quite recovered and dispersed throughout the Mojave. Ok boomer

Pink, Change, and IT Rage: Affected Service Location None Scheduled Dates Actual Dates None-None None – None Description Customer want to know if there’s a way to change the colors of folders on the network the network share drives. This folder is boring, can we make it pink? :/

I am working on a classic open world RPG, how do you think it looks so far?

Beef, Birthday, and Meme: October 19, 2007 The Great Pizza Orientation Test I had ordered from them a few times but never paid attention to see if they got the halves correct. I was curious to see if it really would arrive the way I ordered it. Last night I performed a test. I placed my order, requesting PEPPERONI on the LEFT and MUSHROOMS on the RIGHT Choose Toppings WHOLE LEFT RIGHT NONE AMOUNT Toppings Cheese Normal Sauce Light Pepperoni Normal Extra Large Рерperoni Italian Sausage Green Peppers Black Olives Pineapple Mushrooms Normal Onions Beef They also offer a “NONE” option on all toppings. It’s even available on the “CHEESE” and “SAUCE” rows — so just to be a dick, I also ordered a 6-inch individual “NONE” pizza with BEEF (on the left). Choose Toppings WHOLE LEFT RIGHT NONE AMOUNT Toppings Cheese Sauce Pepperoni Extra Large Реррeroni Italian Sausage Green Peppers Black Olives Pineapple Mushrooms Onions Beef Normal Bacon Anchovies October 19, 2007 casejackal None Pizza with Left Beef is 10 years old today. happy birthday to a decade-old meme. lionself happy 12th birthday none pizza with left beef Source: fadeintocase 243,101 notes Oct 18th, 2019

Tornado in the night with lightning flashes is a terrifying sight

Abusive Boss Gets Taste of Her Own Medicine When Worker Quits Without Notice

Abusive Boss Gets Taste of Her Own Medicine When Worker Quits Without Notice 1

The wizard behind the bar

Club, Drunk, and Facebook: Coors IGHT NE FUCKE e One of the owners of our local dance club trolled us pretty epically. We were all so drunk that none of us read his shirt until AFTER this went up on Facebook 😬

4chan, Android, and Shit: Sadie Farrell @Marusya 1312 “Epstein didn’t kill himself” No shit, neither did Sandra Bland but none of you white boy 4chan-brained podcast fans gave a shit about that 11:37 AM 03 Nov 19 Twitter for Android 805 Retweets 3,318 Likes Neither did Freddie Grey

Girls, Lingerie, and Victoria Secret: None of this sweet cherry pie for you! Lingerie strike with the original Victoria Secret girls (1912)

Don't go with the humans, brother

Thomas the War Engine

Dude, Memes, and Period: spacedude2000 5h The Skyrim memes wouldn’t have died if… 1- People didn’t post them every 1.5 seconds for a 6 month period over the last year or so. And. 2- The memes themselves actually stayed within the confines of Skyrim gameplay. None of this “cloning 100” bs. It should always have been something from the game like speech, sneak, etc. Reply 877 Space dude is correct

This is how yesterday’s Japan looked like when the super typhoon came

Witty Wisecracks That Are Technically the Truth

Witty Wisecracks That Are Technically the Truth 2

Monster, Tumblr, and Say It: paramoregf “why are people attracted to vampires theres nothing inherently attractive about them” we all know why people are into vampires its just that none of us wanna be the one to say it paramoregf IT’S ABOUT THE biting kink gaydelgard YOU’RE NOT AFFILIATED WITH ME some people are GOTH and ENJOY HOMOEROTICISIM bisexualemmettcullen IT’S ABOUT THE GAY SUBTEXT resumecullen GAY SUBTEXT IT’S ABOUT THE AND THE BITING KINK It’s about both, let’s be real alekseylyosha monster fuckers Source: paramoregf Vampires

The Power Of Ultra Instinct.

Abraham Lincoln, Oscars, and Abraham: AGR In the biggest Oscar snub in history, Lincoln (2012) received 12 nominations and 2 Oscars, while Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) received none.

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all …

Click, Programmer Humor, and Human: Select all squares with bugs If there are none, click skip function x2391x4) return docunent[ 0x6675 [ 12]]x2391x4) function launch) var 0x2391x6 0; ( ox6675 [ 1 ] )L0x6675[ 13]] x6675[15]; x6675[1)0x6675[1711×6675[16]] Ox667512 1i 0x6675[201i Ox5675[19]; 0x66751221 + file 0x66751231 prev= curr 8×6675[241 0x6675[13]] x6675[ 11] setIntervalfunction ) if 0x2391x6 Sx6675[30]( 0x6615[22] file 0) x6675[25], functi if (ex2391x7 0x6675[26]) (0x6675[14DI 0x6675[13]i = L0x6675 [ 27]; 0x6675[18]ex6675[17] x6675[161] Ox6675[21 i 0x6675 20]] Ox6675121 Ox6675 20]] =0x6675 [22] fil Ox2391x6 0x6 0x6675[111; 0x66 5[11] prev clearinfo); Ox6675[24D ex6675 [13]] x6675 [29] } else clearInterval) , 10000) function showinfo( 0x2391x9) { prev k6675[31]) [ ex667[13]]: (0x6675[31)Lex6675[13]] x6675[321 curr (06675 [31 ] ) [_Ox66713]] x2391x9 0x6675 SKIP Prove you are human

The life curve

You're part of a bigger universe

Energy, Too Much, and Date: A man ate 0.733 pound of cheese (an energy intake of 4650 kJ). Suppose that none of the energy was stored in his body. What mass (in grams) of water would he need to perspire in order to maintain his original temperature? (It takes 44.0 kJ to vaporize 1 mole of water.) Enter your answer in scientific notation “ANY amount of cheese before a date is too much cheese!”

Everyone should learn some ASL basics.

I am working on a classic open world RPG, how do you think it looks so far?

Bodega Hater Gets Fired From Startup, Sparking Debate Over Whether He Deserved It

Bodega Hater Gets Fired From Startup, Sparking Debate Over Whether He Deserved It 3

Get it Sag.

Michael Jordan, Money, and Chicken: Indigo River 2 months ago Michael Subia I’m the 69th like 13 REPLY michael jordan 2 months ago @Indigo River that means I don’t have enough money for chicken nugget 15 REPLY Context: None

This mountain lawnmower.

Every time Andrew Yang is mentioned…

When you expose america's crimes

Cats vs Invisible Wall

Marvel Comics, One, and All: when none of the subreddit icons are loading These are confusing times We are all one subreddit.

Timelapse: 1M+ people protesting in the streets of Santiago, Chile (8 hours in 1 min)

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