It do be like that :/

Married twice?

Memes, Sports, and Goal: r/memes r/dankmemes u/Go_Home Sam 3h u/Derplord47 8h S 1 Award Ah yes, shovel Goal:none Michael Haddad Michael Haddad Interests: sports, robotics Interests: sports, robotics Goal: none Goal: none Favorite Memory: shovel Favorite Memory: shovel it defines who I am it defines who I am Are we the baddies? You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

Protest 0 – Engineers 1

Click, Idea, and One: Jotaro Kujo There are fewer than 123 people in the U.S. with the lastname Kujo. There are fewer than 1,653 people in the U.S. with the The estimate for this name is not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all. Click here for more details first name Jotaro. The estimate for this name is not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all. Click here for more details Jotaro Kujo There are 1 or fewer people in the U.S. named Jotaro Kujo. The estimates for one or both names are not absolute. There may be fewer people with this name, or none at all Click here for more details Yare Yare this totally isn’t a stolen idea Daze

Bad, Birthday, and Bored: Personal Belongings: 102. Do you have any body hair 103. (Guys Only) Are you Circumcised 104. How often you Masturbate 105. Have you ever watched porn The Number Game 45. Most expensive thing you own 46. Do you own anything above But IMPROVED! $1,000 106. Ideal Sexual/Physical attributes 107. Favorite Sexual Fantasy Made by u/German-Spy 47. Most prized possession 48. Do you own anything embarrassing 49. Weirdest thing you own 50. Do you own anything popular 51. Do you own anything considered “rich” 52. Do you own anything futuristic 53. Coolest thing you own 54. Oldest thing you own 108. Turn Ons/Turn Offs 109. Any Kinks 110. Ideal Sexual Position The Basics: 1. Age 111. How do you masturbate 112. Do you own a toy 2. Gender 3. Height 4. Weight 5. Where are you from 113. Have you ever been caught Masturbating 114. Have you ever walked in when 6. Zodiac Sign someone was having sex 55. What did you buy/get recently 7. First Name 115. Biggest fears of Sex 116. Do you have any STDS 117. How often are you hormy 8. Last Name 9. Middle Name Appearance/Looks 10. Birthday 11. Main Language(s) 66. Hair Style 118. Most embarrassing sexual story 119. Are you currently horny 120. What do you expect in a sexual relationship 67. Hair Length 68. Hair Color Hobbies/Favorite things: 69. Nice 70. Body Style 71. Ethnicity 72. What are you wearing 73. Eye Color 74. Are you wearing makeup 12. Favorite Color 13. Favorite Food Academics/School 14. Favorite Activity 15. Favorite Music genre 16. Favorite Artist 17. Favorite Song 121. Where do you go to school 122. What classes do you take 123. What grade are you in 75. Type of Underwear you wear 124. Most favorite teacher 18. Favorite Movie 76. Favorite outfit 125. Least favorite teachers 19. Favorite Video Game (if any) 77. Facial/Body Hair 126. Highest Grade/Lowest Grade in 20. Favorite TV show classes 21. Do you play any sports 22. Last thing you did Relationships: 127. How long is your school day 128. Did you do your homework 129. Do you have any tost, quizzes, or 78. Sexuality 79. Relationship Status Life/Experience 80. Who is your crush. 81. Celebrity Crush exams coming up 130. Last bad grade 131. Last good grade 23. Do you currently have a job 24. Future Job/Career/Ambitions 82. Have you ever cheated on 25. Have you drank/smoked anything 26. Have you done drugs someone 83. Ideal Girlfriend/Boyfriend Economic Status/Wealth: 27. Do you have any pets 28. Most Favorable Memory 84. Idea of Perfect Date 132: Are you rich/poor 133. Where do you stand in the wealth class (lower class, middle class, upper class) 85. Have you asked someone out 86. What do you hope in a relationship 87. Are you interested in anyone 88. Do you real life/online date 29. Most embarrassing moment 30. Dream Vacation 31. How many Family members 134. How big is your house 135. Take a picture of your house 136. How much do your parents make 32. How many friends 33. Do you plan on going to college/university Sex & Sexuality: 137. Do your parents struggle with debt 138. Do you own a pool (above-ground/below-ground) 139. Do you live in a gated neighborhood 140. Do you have expensive stuff 89. Are you a virgin 90. Have you ever seen anyone naked 91. Do you have piercing/tattoos 92. Have you ever had same-sex Social Media: 34. Do you use any other social media then Reddit 35. Who do you follow 36. Have you ever had an internet expirence 93. Have you ever sent a nude 94. Have you ever sexted 95. Have you ever kissed anyone 96. Am I attractive 141. How big is your room 142. What kind of school do you go to argument 37. Most used Social Media app 38. What’s your username on each 97. Have you ever slept together 98. Do you want to have sex 99. Are you straight, bi, gaylesbian, app 39. Have you met any friends online 40. Do you follow any NSFW accounts/pages 41. Last Person you DM’difoliowed 42. What was the last message you pan, etc. sent 43. How many followers/triends on Sexual: (Welcome to Spicy social media Town) 44. Amount of time you use social 100. Bra/Dick size media 101. Pubic Hair: Natural, trimmed, shaved, none Guys I’m super bored so please ask me things

Two Kinds Of People In World

Two Kinds Of People In World 1

A giant robot truck and a guy in a wheelchair.

Time, Sleep, and Irl: Me SCP This oundation doesn’t exist. Yup. Me Yup. fOuneYou aren’t scared of the scps in scpecb. None of theseevents have happened irl. That makes sense to me. So these aren’t I can’t sleep because of scp-2718. scary! I accidentally said 2178 last time.

Ok, now what?

Paintings, Monkey, and Sweden: Abstract paintings by a previously unknown artist “Pierre Brassau” were exhibited at a gallery in Sweden, earning praise for his “powerful brushstrokes” and the “delicacy of a ballet dancer”. None knew that Pierre Brassau actually a 4 year old chimp from the local zoo. Monkey

Energy, Too Much, and Date: A man ate 0.733 pound of cheese (an energy intake of 4650 kJ). Suppose that none of the energy was stored in his body. What mass (in grams) of water would he need to perspire in order to maintain his original temperature? (It takes 44.0 kJ to vaporize 1 mole of water.) Enter your answer in scientific notation “ANY amount of cheese before a date is too much cheese!”

Internet, Reddit, and Subway: at’s a safer re seriou safety No internet Sub subway, pleas exit car doors t’s a safer seriou safety Slow internet Sub RATHER NONE !

Baby weasel takes a magical ride on woodpecker's back..


It's not perfect, but New Hope wasn't either

The Power Of Ultra Instinct.

Sausage Magic

Break checking with a motorcycle

Fight Rule 1: Don't showboat on the job.

Enjoying the customary post-race lie down


Never Fight A Dinosaur

Crying, Emo, and Family: Being the only fucking emo kid in my school So you re into emo? Like, My Chemical Romance and stuff? Trying to dress like an “e-boy so that girls will give me a chance but it never works. Nothing ever works U amerio 8mashing pumpkins.siamese dream “So what’s you favorite movie? oh god what do i say none of the other kids have seen these teen suicide de snut nwaste yse Happiness Stops Here.. September 9, 2001 Gary and I were skating at a hospsked me why she wasn’t moving or blinking. They hadn’t closed her on top of a huge hill overlooking a valley An ambulance came and took out a dead woman. Gary eyes yet She must have died on the way. A car full of family and friends came in with the ambulance They were all crying and hugging each other. One woman screamed hysterically and grabbed at the woman’s body asking her to wake up I had to tell Gary that her soul went to Heaven. I didn’t believe a word of it, but I knew it’d be easier for him to understand Two days from now, at 9 AM, the planes will hit the World Trade Center killing over 3,000 people i will tell Gary that there is no God, and all of this is meaningless But today, there is a God. And he has a plan for him He doesn’t know it, but a year from now, our family will be torn apart and I willl move far away and won’t see or talk to him for five years And as we sit on the hood of our car, the sun goes down and he asks me what I want out of my life. I tell him I don’t know rhe CROW DONNIE DARKO Being in the only fucking emo kid in my school starter pack

What are you doing about that?

Peppa the Bull Terrier making her baby laugh for the first time.

Cleaning in the morning

Recording out of a plane window

Food, Taken, and True: BEFOREAFTER ANTI-FAT ALLAN’S ANTI-FAT is the great remedy for Cor- pulence. It is purely vegetale and purfectly harm It nets upon the food In the stomach, pre- venting its being converted into fat. Taken in accorance with directions, it wl’l reduce a fat person from two to flve pounds per week. Corpulence is not only n nisease itself, but the harbinger of others.”So wrote Hippocrates two thousand years ago, and what was true then is none the less so to-lay. Sold by druggists, or sent, by ex- press, for $150 Quarterdozen $4.0d Address, BOTANIC MEDICINE CO, Prop’rs, Buffalo, N.Y. less. Many gentle ladies have of late inquired into the methods I did employ to develop my enviably slender figure. I assure you, it was not, in fact, consumption which effected the change upon my personage, but this fine Botanic Medicine.

Don Jr. Triggered over Triggered Trump Supporters at his Triggered book launch. Exquisite.

PayPal’s Virtual Agent Be Like…

Wait what

A little louder for the liberals in the back

Influencer 'Accidentally' Buys $100k Couch, Asks Followers to Pay For It

Click, Programmer Humor, and Nice: Barry Dorrans @blowdart Crap Select all squares with bugs If there are none, click skip function ox2891x4) return docunent[_0x6675 [ 12] ]0x2391x4) function launch) e; 0x2391 6 Ox6675[14])[0x6675[13]] Ox6675[18])[0x6675 [17]]rex6675[16]] = _0x5675[19]; 0X66751211L 0x667512011 var Ox6675 [ 15]; Ox66751221 + file Ox66751231 prev curr (0x6675[241)E 0x6675 [13]] x6675[11]; setIntervaltfunction () { if (ex2391x6 $ex6675[30]] ox66 5[22]+file x6675 [ 25], funct if (0x2391x7 -(-0x6675[14] 0x6675[13]] Ox6675[18 Ox6675[17]]ex6675[16]] Ox6675[211DL Ox6675[2011 Ox6675[21 0x6675[20]] 0x6675[22] fil Ox2391x6= prev=0x66 5[11]; clearinfo); Ox6675[24]O_Ox667 Ox6675[26]) { 0x6675 [27] 0x6 Ox6675 111: 3]] Ox6675 1 Twittea tu respuesta Nice move

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