Wife Fed Up With Husband's “Close” Friend Carl, Internet Suspicious of Their Relationship

This wife has finally reached her wit’s end with her husband’s relationship with his close friend Carl. The two are inseparable, and her husband even describes Carl as his “nicotine,” He just can’t quit “it.” It hit its breaking point when her husband invited Carl to come along with them on their planned couple’s getaway. Her husband thought it would be no problem if they crammed Carl into their two-person room with only one bed. The shock of her life came when she found out her husband planned to share the bed with Carl and have her sleep on the floor. Now, who’s the third wheel here? It doesn’t seem like it’s Carl.

Of course, the internet is naturally suspicious, and just about every single comment is alluding to the fact that Carl and her husband seem to be a little bit closer than just friends. There are multiple references to “Grace and Frankie,” which, for the uninformed, is a show that’s premise centers on almost precisely this scenario.

What do you think? Is she in the wrong for excusing herself from the situation? Should she excuse herself from the situation altogether and file for divorce? Let us know in the comments.

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Thumbnail Image: ‘Grace and Frankie’ – Variety