Waiter Exposes Rude Karen Who Came Into Restaurant Minutes Before Closing

I find nothing more baffling than customers who insist on staying at a restaurant after it has closed. I have been mopping the floors of an eating establishment around families sitting at the table just talking and carrying on. It’s people like these who make me grateful that I at least have the decency and social skills not to behave the way they do. 

One TikToker has dedicated his page to documenting frustrating situations like this. Dean Redmond posts videos divulging the juicy and frustrating real experiences he’s had with rude customers during his time in the restaurant industry. One Karen he encountered committed the misdeed of coming into his restaurant minutes before it closed and asking to be seated. Not only this, but she had a barrage of demands on Dean and the kitchen staff. I could tell you all about it, but I think Dean says it best himself.