Uber Customer Acts Up During Ride, Driver Gets Perfect Revenge

Every customer facing role has its struggles, but taxi drivers have to deal with some of the worst. Dealing with a steady stream of drunks, people doing things they shouldn’t in the back seat, and others who generally don’t want to acknowledge your existence is no fun, especially in a confined space where you’ve also got to remember to drive safe, and in the right direction. 

It’s also a job where you get little backup if things go wrong with your clientele. This means you have to be pretty savvy on the rare occasion that things get aggressive, as with a recent experience that u/StarsBear75063 had. When someone in his Uber started to take offense at the fact he had an interior camera, he had to think fast to avoid disaster. Thankfully, the customer in question got a fitting payback. Asshole management is never an easy task at work, but at least it paid off here.