Toxic Boss Looks Through Employees Purse, Fires Her After Finding Job Application

So many bosses want excessive access to their employees in manners that cross boundaries. On the first day of my first restaurant job, I asked one of the assistant managers if I could leave at 9 PM since, on the schedule, my shift ended at 9 PM. He laughed at me, said, “it’s good you didn’t ask that when the manager was around,” and we continued working. At the time, I felt like an idiot because I had never had a job before, so I assumed all jobs were like that. Now I realize this was a situation where teenagers were being taken advantage of by a restaurant and its upper management, who hoped they didn’t know any better. 

Horrible bosses can come in many forms in the restaurant industry, and the following case was no exception. Redditor u/bluebrindleivy found her boss snooping through her things and was fired after confronting him. She was at a loss for what to do next, so she asked Reddit and received solid advice.