'The Astrological Signs as Thanksgiving Dishes' Isn't Nice to Every Zodiac Sign

While we know that astrology is a controversial topic (people tend to enjoy it, or they don’t believe it, or simply don’t care), we think that there are a whole lot of great memes that have come of it. There are also tons of astrologers and wannabe astrologers who spend time likening the signs to everything from cringey neckbeards to kitchen appliances. Usually we say the weirder the better, but our absolute favorite assignments have to do with food. I’ll never forget the day I saw a post that said if Scorpios (my sign) were dessert they’d be tiramisu (my favorite dessert.) You don’t have to buy into astrology to have fun with it. With Thanksgiving around the corner, someone was bound to share which Thanksgiving dinner foods correspond with the zodiac signs. And that “someone” was actually the Sluts For Fall Facebook page. While most of these dishes are classic (and delicious) there are a couple that are bound to make some people pretty damn unhappy.