Terrible Memes To Peruse On Opposite Day

Did you know that Opposite Day isn’t a national holiday or even an unofficial holiday? That is an outrage. Silly little holidays are happening daily without fail, so why can’t a day devoted to switcharoos get the 24 hours it deserves? My birthday is World Rabies Day, and that’s a much lamer of holiday than Opposite Day could ever be. According to Wikipedia, it’s a game played by children with no actual calendar date. If Opposite Day were real, then we adults wouldn’t have to go to work that day. Unless, of course, Opposite Day fell on the weekend, which would simply not do. It might be a little rough around the edges in concept, but Opposite Day needs to get put into writing pronto.

Because it’s not in writing yet, Opposite Day could be any day: Even today! In that case, why not scroll through some truly horrible memes *wink* to celebrate the day.