Rebellious Memes That Try To Push The Envelope

Everyone finds their little way to rebel as a teenager. There was one point in 6th grade where my eyeliner was so black, thick, and around every crevice of my eyeball that it looked like I was about to put on a raccoon Halloween costume at any moment.

Being a rebel becomes a less attainable identity when you’re a fully grown adult. Things that were once deemed unacceptable and strange by your parents become much more normal. Like what, you’re in your twenties and regularly frequent your local DIY punk scene? Is that being rebellious, or do you just have friends and community? What a poser. The one genuine act of adult rebellion is being a bum. You probably don’t want to do that; being a bum is a significant commitment. If you don’t want to quit your job and marinate in your filth, you can fake rebelliousness by scrolling through some mildly edgy memes.