Pile Up of Untipped DoorDash Orders Ignites Debate About Service Charges

It’s a painful fact that the U.S. service industry runs on tips. Whether we’re eating out or ordering in, we have to expect that we will be topping up the bill so that the people who serve us can afford to eat, too. 

However, not everybody subscribes to this philosophy — especially when it comes to their takeout. This has a knock on effect for everyone involved, as a TikTok has recently made clear. Showing an extreme back up of non-tipped orders in a McDonalds, @doordashtips2 urged everyone ordering without tipping to come and pick up their food themselves, as the restaurant was running out of room to store them all.

The behind the scenes video prompted intense debate, with some customers voicing their resentment at having to tip and many current and former drivers confirming the importance of it. If there’s one thing that can be taken from both sides, it’s that the system is very, very broken.