People Share The Pettiest Things Cheapskates Billed Them For

The older you get, the trickier money gets between friends. As some of our pals excel in the money-making department, others fall behind. Sometimes it’s because they’re woefully irresponsible – they buy drugs with their pay, or drink and gamble it away. Other times it’s because they have focused on less lucrative job opportunities. Many of my friends, for example, consider themselves musicians first and workers second. And while they create incredible art and feel gratified by the hours they spend making it, that doesn’t really allow for much indulgence at restaurants, bars, and special events.

That said, a couple dollars between friends – whether you’re the rich friend or the broke one – shouldn’t be treated as a debt. While dollars here and there do add up, I am not about to venmo request $1.00 for a parking meter that I paid for. It’s just unnecessary. Unfortunately, a $1.00 venmo would be absolutely sane when compared to the requests from these cheapskates. Hope they’ve grown up a bit in the last few years.