Dad, Family, and Fire: I do nae work ‘ere laddie! XXL IDontWorkHere Lady& 20h 20h MadFamous Love self.IDontWorkHereLady 87% Up Vote OC This happened years ago, my dad’s cousin Robert was visiting from Scottland for the first time (we live in Canada) he had been taking turns staying at each of my dad’s siblings that lived near by. That day he was staying with my parents, we had had a nice lunch together at their home, but for dinner we were going out to a nice restaurant. My mother, father, his cousin, my lil bro and I, two of my aunts and two of my uncles, so a pretty big party, we had called ahead to get a reservation. The whole family had dressed nicely since we knew were going somewhere nice for this special occasion.The restaurant where we were going was not the number one restaurant in the city, but it was pretty high end, one of my personal favourite places to eat in the city. The whole staff dressed nicely, but the manager and sommelier both wore suits. We got to the restaurant maybe fifteen minutes early, but our table was already ready so we were seated right away. I was friends with the sommelier in particular and knew most of the staff pretty well so i was talking to him a bit. We chatted about what wine they had gotten in recently, they had picked up a large collection from an estate sale that i hadn’t been able to attend myself. I ordered several bottles from this new collection for the table then went to seat myself The dinner rush was just starting as our waiter took our orders, Robert got up and headed for the bathroom which our server pointed out for him. As he was coming back around the corner toward our table, a skinny young guy in a tacky suit snapped his fingers at Robert who noticed and looked at him surprised and sort of offended. The man was loud, very needlessly loud, this was a nice place, people were talking in muted tones. Rude Young Man – “HAY! HAY YOU! YES YOU! WE’RE READY TO ORDER” Robert – “Beg pardon laddie? What’r yeh goin’ on about?” Robert’s accent was thick as oatmeal. Rude Young Man – “MY ORDER! TAKE MY ORDER! WE’RE READY!” it was about this moment Robert realized the rude young man thought he worked at the restaurant. Robert – “ah donae work ‘ere laddie!” the Rude Young Man was having none of this, his immediate anger was clearly apparent as he stood up. This situation was getting out of hand, i and my lil bro both got up from the table to go back up Robert, we got there almost the same time as the manager. Rude Young Man – now shouting – “YOU CAN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!” Robert was recoiling, having heard so much about Canadian hospitality he was floored by this Rude Young Man. Floor manager stepped between Robert and his aggressor as Robert was stepping back and the Rude Young Man. Floor Manager – “Sir I don’t know who you think you are, but your behavior is unacceptable, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” Rude Young Man – “I DEMAND YOU FIRE THIS SERVER! HE WAS VERY RUDE! YOU CAN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS! MY DAD OWNS THIS PLACE! I’LL HAVE YOUR JOB! I’LL HAVE ALL OF YOUR JOBS!” This guy was so loud that the chef had come out to see what was the matter. Dressed in black with a black heavy leather apron, heavy leather knife sheaths on each hip hung on a belt around his waist, tattoos all over his arms and neck, muscular and a little over six feet tall. Chef was quite an imposing figure, particularly with the angry look on his face. At this point the whole restaurant was staring at the Rude Young Man Chef in an aggressive but not overly loud yet commanding voice – “This is over, you’re out of here, get up and get out, NOW.” Chef’s command allowed no rebuke, the skinny little pissant looked terrified, he and his lady friend both got up looking horrified and rushed out of the restaurant. I thought he was going to make another comment as he fled, but he just scurried away. Several people cheered, several others clapped as Chef retreated back to the kitchen. The excitement over, we ended up having a great rest of our meal, the floor manager ended up comping the whole meal (nearly 2 grand), both my dad and I really wanted to pay but he just refused to take our cards, so we ended up just leaving a big pile of cash on the table when we left. The following week I went back to the place with a friend, the sommelier was just itching to dish the news. Turned out the Rude Young Man’s dad had indeed owned the restaurant (part owner) he was a wealthy local land owner, business man and restaurateur. Unfortunately for that little pissant his father had not been on his side AT ALL when he tried to get everyone fired. Much to his dismay his father instead took away his trust fund, the penthouse he was living in, and his car. Kid ended up having to get a job for the first time in his life. 170 2.7k Joey for Reddit Rings true

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Ass, Dank, and Memes: izzy saeko @izzysaekO Nezuko isn’t white. Hinata isn’t white. Ochako isn’t white. None of y’all faves are white. So if my black ass can’t be black and cosplay, you not canon either. Like nobody tell y’all ur too pale for a character. Go cosplay some toilet paper so I can wipe my ass with you. You tell them girl by Thatguy_Nick MORE MEMES

How to clean orange

Ass, Bad, and Be Like: [email protected] feeling annoyed. 1 tnat al you got witcn 9 hrs op Like Reply 5h Hey Everyone And Guys Christians and People who celebrate evil satanic Halloween don’t speak too me till you get your act too together till you have common sense demons got it and as for you Christians celebrate pagan holiday’s are you done by most high god jesus for not listening at all been friend too the world I’m know creator angry at you Christians and nonbeliever period not following his laws 613 commands and next person laugh at my status I’m going call you out demons stay off my page demons. no you should Like Reply 5h im follow creator tells me not mankind Liing his own Post, LOL Like Reply 5h Edited and 11 others 103 Comme just to be clear you want me to repent for celebrating Christmas Comment Like Literally Jesus birthday I celebrate both Halloween and Christmas Like Reply 5h Like Reply 7h Edited more lies A Hide 20 Replies Like Reply 5h than you are idiot most high god jesus birthday not in december you need read bible more and do research 2 Like Reply 7h Like Reply 5h cool yes change your ways before Like Reply 7h too later Like Reply 5h no not cool O1 Like Reply 7h to each their own Like Reply 7h no not with me zombie no not with me zombie Like Reply 7h most high god jesus going destory on you on judgement day Like Reply Th If you don’t like that I celebrate both then remove me as a friend, I don’t judge people so I don’t delete people for what they believe in, itf you don’t like me then remove Like Reply 5h me Like Reply 7h Edited dumb woman Like Reply 4h your full shit witch demon Like Reply 7h hey calm down that’s uncalled for 2 Like Reply 4h Like Reply 7h if it’s the only insults he’s got let him throw them we see god jesus said too that on judgement day you are huge hot water foolishness witch Like Reply 4h Like Reply 7h than stop been problem zombie I’m baptized Anglican Like Reply 4h Like Reply 7h Edited Been? too bad im judge on right Like Reply 3h judge 1 Like Reply 7h I think he wants to stop the Bean problem Like Reply 2h God will forgive me and I don’t have to worry aout what you think have a great day I 11 God will forgive me and I don’t have to worry about what you think, have a great day lol Like Reply 7h Like Reply 3h dont matter you friend with is too slow comprehend the world you enemy of the creator Like Reply 32m Like Reply 7h Write a reply I’m okay with that Like Reply 7h uh you good bro? wrong again foolishness Like Reply 3h woman Like Reply 7h yeah Like Reply 3h dumbass Like Reply 7h yeah im good 1 Like Reply 3h Like Reply 7h Happy Halloween to you too. Like Reply 3h im mean that Like Reply 7h get out of here with your satanic halloween demort LMFAK Like Reply 3h Like Reply 4h your Pagan Satanic Halloween keep that evil Write a reply wickedness off my Page Period im will Fight Back with the Lord Most High God Jesus Lord of Kings Stay in your Lane Zombie People Seems like you are in a cult more than being a Like-J Christian. What happened to love thy neighbor? ike Re7 Christian. What happened to love thy neighbor? Of course you can have some candyl Take as much as you’d like Like Reply 7h Like Reply 3h A Hide 11 Replies Write a reply excuses Why do you keep making these same old ranting aS$ posts??? You still haven’t realized, no matter how many times it’s you, that you can only control what YOU do. You have no right to try to control others. These angry, ranting videos, and posts only make you look miserable and bitter This isn’t a good look, and it turns people AWAY from religion, because you make it look miserable and disturbed. I’m starting to think that you’re doing this for attention Like Reply 7h op’s explained your weak mind Like Reply 7h mom you’re Like Reply 4h Like Reply 7h keep that assuming mom you dont no im not stronger than understand you will never understand period stay out of my away you Like Reply 7h Like Reply 4h you dont take seriously no im tell how it is with most high god jesus im zombies you are fool dont folow foolishness mankind mine your business mom Like Reply 7h Like Reply 3h Edted If you want to be a “good Christian you should better yourself and I suggest you start with learning to read. That way you’ll have a better chance at understanding the word of god okay, but just keep in mind, these types of posts and videos could go against you at a later time Like Reply 7h Like Reply 3h no you that my problem im with creator Like Reply 7h im keeping the truth people like or not sadly you arent ৭३ that my problem im with creator Like Reply 7h im keeping the truth people like or not sadly you arent Like Reply 3h Like Reply 7h https://www.openbible info/topics/celebrating pagan holidays OPENBIBLE INFO What Does the Bible Say About Celebrating Pagan Holidays? Like Reply 7h Lol ok well I’m going back to my witchy stuff. Maybe I should read my tarot cards about you Like Reply 7h IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT have fun in lake of fire Like Reply 3h Like Reply 7h Write a reply Write a reply I don’t celebrate Halloween not because of any Whoa religious reasons just because I think it’s pointless but you dude need psychiatric help IX You’re either a troll or batshit crazy. Like Reply 7h Like Reply 2h Edited im dont troll Foolishness Woman keep thinking that foolishness woman Like Reply 2h Like Reply 7h Keep thinking tnat foolishness wom 14 then you need help 1 Like Reply 2h Like Reply 7h Write a reply.. no it you blind zombie Finally i hate halloween., always have ever since i no it you blind zombie was a child. No lie i was so afraid i would run away from amyone in costume Like Reply 7h Like Reply 1h im am Warrior by the light im listen too Creator God Jesus only not too ManKind Period Stupid Foolishness Zombies and Christians are Fake your End is Near Soon be ready for Judgement day and a Truther and christian too im take this very seriously with the creator period im dont take as joke period halloween is evil wickendess satanic pagans period all hoildays is evil pagans period Like Reply 1h Write a reply Like Reply 7h Edited Write a reply What is your religion Coz we did’nt celebrate halloween, all souls day and christmas too because of it’s pagan origins celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and birthday like Like Reply 53m some sort of satanist Sometimes I even celebrate Earth Day im am Truther and christian Like Reply 6h Like Reply 28m A Hide 13 Replies Write a reply you are foo Like Reply 6h Lol you’re stupid Like Reply 35m https//www.openbible info/topics/celebrating paganholidays no you are Like Reply 33m OPENBIBLE INFO What Does the Bible Say About Celebrating Pagan Holidays? no you are Like Reply 34m Like Reply 6h How? LMAO You spelled coolwrong Like Reply 32m You spelled cool wrong you support evil satanic and pagans hoildays and evil celebrities you are done period have fun in lake of fire in darkness im not saving your soul period O1 Like Reply 6h sadly im didnt most high god Like Reply 31m jesus against pagan hoildays Like Reply 6h OK? Do you want a? Like Reply 29m what holidays are allowed then, dare I ask Like Reply 6h no im want you stay out of my away im doing creator tell me retard idiot mankind be prepare be destory on judgement day end near you support satanic kpop and bts you are done blame mankind you people are blind too celebrate it when god jesus against period Like Reply 27m Like Reply 6h Why did you hit your mom Phylis Phyllis? Like Reply 26m none of your business now get lost foolishness whore and witch 2 Like Reply 26m did he really fucking hit herll Like Reply 9m All these hateful comments from somebody needs to whip your ass one good time maybe 16 Like Reply 6h Like Reply 11m means hoildays pagans means is evil satanic you people are zombies are in huge hot water period most high god jesus hates pagan hoildays period shut up Witch Like Reply 10m Oooh keep it coming I’m so scared I can’t tell you what to do. But please stop attacking these people for their beliefs Stating your beliefs is one thing, attacking others is another Like Reply 9m OPe you should you be gone Brother Like Reply 6h on judgement day Like Reply 9m they Attack me Frist Brother man Like Reply 6h Like Reply 8m where? oh you will O1 Like Reply 6h Like Reply 7m at the begin on my status these women Oooh I’m gunna put a spell on you Like Reply 6h Reply 6m I’l call you try me witch you going too lake of fire now get lost or be Like Reply 6h Like Reply 5m Write a reply xD do what you want Like Reply 5m swear, every post you can see his brain cells fly away and the insanity increase move on stop been Like Reply 5h problem till me got it A Hide 17 Replies 17 move on stop been you should repent god most high Jesus will come problem till me got it after you there will be judgement Like Reply 56m Like Reply 5h I mean he’s already that all you got witch beaten his mom so obviously that doesn’t work Like Reply 45m Write a reply by way im blocked too people threatend me so they you arent allow on my page crazy evil off my page and women Christian man hates Halloween and all who celebrate it.

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