Literature Memes For Recovering Percy Jackson Kids

“What are you reading right now?” is one of the scariest questions an intellectual hot person can ask you. It’s a question more loaded than a baked potato because there are explicitly correct and incorrect answers. Under no circumstances can you tell them, “I’m not reading anything right now.” If you say that, you’ve already lost. They will spit in your face, and you will be asked to leave the building. If you say you’re reading a piece of classical literature, you’ll be dubbed a pretentious snob. If you say you’re reading a celebrity tell-all memoir, you’ll be dismissed as vapid and stupid. The best thing you can do is make up a non-YA-sounding novel title and hopefully pass off as a normal person. 

Some people’s daily reading solely consists of memes, so if that’s not you, you’re better off than most of us. If you love reading and being online, the following memes would be perfect for you to pursue.