Internet Explorers Reminisce on All the Quirky Online Crazes That Have Been Forgotten

Considering its current incarnation is not even forty years old, the internet has had a hell of a lot of facelifts. Within a generation, we will be fast approaching a time where most people will not remember an era where it didn’t exist in some form. This also means that a lot of those people will have seen many changes to their experience of being online over the years. These days, it seems like most of the internet is controlled by the same four or five big tech companies and their apps, but things weren’t always this way. This has got Redditors who remember a more innocent time online remembering all the fads that have been resigned to the dustbin of history. From the magic of GeoCities to messaging friends on AIM, we have lost a lot of simple pleasures over the years. Oh well, at least we’re constantly exposed to the stream of dumb things people do for clout to make up for it.