Improv Comedians Show What the Hilarious POV of the Background Characters in 'Twilight' Would've Been Like

Twilight  was already a roaringly popular book series, but when it was release as a film series, oh man—pop culture didn’t stand a chance! The lives of every pre-teen during that era were changed forever. Team Edward vs. Team Jacob become a series debate amongst high school conversations. Bella was a style icon, I mean ICON. Nobody could escape the vampire high schoolers who were causing a ruckus in a small American town. Ask any original Twilighter about that time and they could tell you everything about their most beloved characters. But what about the background characters? I mean… All this crazy stuff was constantly happening all around the towns people 24-7 and you’re going to tell me nobody else noticed what was going on?? The fellow high schools of the characters had to have noticed something. I mean, you can’t get anything past a teenager. They will make fun of you for having a tiny scuff on your new sneakers that you didn’t even noticed until they pointed out. How could they not notice some sparkly students acting all weird around everybody?? Mind boggling. Improve actors and comedians Alexa Rowe and Spencer Paez have filled in that missing puzzle piece and hilarious perform how those background characters were probably reacting during the entire saga.