Hungry for a Krabby Patty: 20+ Memes About Spongebob That Scream ‘I'm Ready'

It’s impossible not to like Spongebob. I mean, what’s not to like? A really friendly yellow sponge with big googly eyes that lives in a pineapple under the sea, has a starfish for a best friend named Patrick and is an all-around terrible driver. His hobbies include eating krabby patties, fishing for jellyfish, practicing karate with his friend Sandy the squirrel, and of course — blowing bubbles.


This was a favorite in our house growing up, and the show has never gone out of style. With 12 funny seasons filled to the brim with entertainment, the residents of Bikini Bottom continue to capture the hearts of people today. It’s no wonder there are so many memes related to this funny sponge and the rest of the hilarious characters. Somehow, it’s even more relatable as an adult. Scroll down to see the best Spongebob memes that we’ve found this week while scouring Instagram.