Girl Cooks Chicken and Rice for Sister, Creative Presentation Has People Losing Their Minds

Most of Western society is extremely disconnected from where its food actually comes from. We don’t like to think of the workers who pick our vegetables for mere cents an hour, or what the inside of a slaughterhouse looks like; we only need to know about it when it’s shrink-wrapped on a grocery store shelf, thank you very much. At this point, your average Joe has no clue how a chicken gets from farm to plate. But who cares, when there are so many ways to decorate its silly little carcass by the time it’s seasoned and cooked?

If a TikTok shared by @mariandcandicee is anything to go by, most of us are missing a trick when it comes to serving up our tasty, de-feathered friends. Showing her sister plating up chicken and rice for her, the presentation of the simple meal was decidedly extra, and viewers were bamboozled by the effort. It might not have been the most practical to eat, but let’s look on the bright side — at least it was served on a plate.