Funniest Pinhead (the Hell Priest and Lead Cenobite) Memes to Celebrate the Pain Hulu's ‘Hellraiser’ Reboot Will Bring

We have another reboot, baby—so buckle up. We all know big companies love a good cash cow reboot, and why not one of the classic ’80s horror film Hellraiser? Nothing brings diehard fans more pain than a crappy reboot, so it’s perfectly on-brand for Hellraiser. (But who knows? Maybe it’ll rule! The Evil Dead reboot was pretty sick—I mean, it literally rained blood… Epic IMO.) If I’m being honest, as someone who is an O.G. Hellraiser fan, the trailer already looks like a let down. I mean, one of the best parts of the film is all the weird old-school effects and costume make up they use! A CGI Cenobite just doesn’t hit the same way… Anyways, the box, they opened it. So we came with memes. Now you must come with us, taste our pleasures.We have such sights to show you! Pinhead, the Hell Priest and lead Cenobite brings the pain with the best memes