Funniest Memes for Adults Who Are Total Scaredy Cats and Definitely Still Afraid of the Dark

At what age did people stop being afraid of things, because I think I skipped that coming of age part… Like, how can somebody not be afraid of the dark? You can’t see anything. There could be a ghoul in there get ready to slash your face and drag you down to h3ll or wherever demons take innocent people to torture for all eternity! Who doesn’t get spooked when they’re home along and then they hear a noise?? Like, how do you know that’s not someone who snuck into your closet before you got home and has just been waiting for you and now is there chance to getcha?! You’re telling me that at some point in your life you grew up and stopped running to your bed after turning off the lights? What, you just casually walk over there like a ghost didn’t just instantly appear once the lights went off? I bet you’re going to tell me next that you sleep with your back to the open room and let your hands and feet dangle right off the bed. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how those fears are just for kids… These memes just get me.