Funniest Introvert Memes for People Who Aren’t Anti-Social, Per Se, but Not Exactly Pro-Social Either

We all behave a little introverted from time to time. Even the most seemingly extroverted person you know needs some time to recharge. It takes energy meeting new people, regardless of how much you love doing it. And it works both ways. Even the most introverted of introverts need some social interaction from time to time. Being introverted just means that you probably don’t need 100 friends at your disposal at all times, maybe just 2-3 to hang out with when you’re feeling well rested and open to playful conversation.


I also think we go through phases, maybe when you move to a new town or start university you share your extroverted side a little more as a way to find friends, but once you find those friends, you’re happy just hanging with them and no one else. Quality over quantity might be a great way to summarize someone who likes to keep their circle small.


Anyway, whether you love people, or love to ditch people, you’ll probably relate to these memes on some level.