Funniest Brutal Machine Gun Kelly Memes That Absolutely Obliterate MGK in Roasts

Oh Machine Gun Kelly, good ‘ol MGK. Making music with machine guns, using his name Kelly, and marrying Megan Fox. Or whatever, idk I don’t listen to MGK… But the memes however—f me up with them MGK memes. He’s a silly goofy looking guy. Who in tarnation called this guy pop punk? He is the exaggerated pop form of pop punk, which is already a pop form of punk. But he seriously is like the bubble gum of pop punk. Again, this is all going by his appearance and things he says that get turned into memes, cause I have no idea what his music sounds like. Going off of the absolute brutal roast memes that flood the internet of MGK, I’m thinking his music isn’t really my cup of tea. Is this really the Gen-Z’s version of Blink-182 because I hate it… No judgement though. But please, stop forcing me to know so much about Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s relationship or his beef with Eminem—I truly do not care. Just give me the MGK memes, babyyyy