First-Rate Memes For Sophisticated Individuals

I don’t know about you, but I don’t source my memes from just anywhere. It is essential to get high-quality memes from trusted sources. Take, for instance, this website here, Memebase. Frankly, the name says it all. We’re here for the memes, and very little else. We dedicate our lives to finding memes from the greatest corners on the internet. Serving these memes to you is not only the highlight of our day, but also the highlight of our lives. What would we do without memes? 

It’s easy to get a wee bit elitist when you spend so much time gorging yourself on Michelin star worthy memes. When your friends or relatives send you lesser memes, it’s harder to pretend that they’re high quality, but we laugh along anyways. The world at large is not a safe space for expert meme connoisseurs, but this website is an exception. If you are a high class meme fans, you’ll love these random and hilarious memes, curated for expert eyes.