'Failure to comply […] will result in disciplinary action': Viral thread shows workplace limiting employee's breaks to 'approved areas'

This image went viral today after it was posted to Reddit’s r/antiwork community. The photo shows a notice that was posted in an apparent break room notifying workers of changes to policy regarding worker breaks. The changes prohibit workers from taking their breaks in their vehicles and require workers to instead take their breaks in “approved areas”.

“Breaks and lunches will no longer be allowed to be taken in your vehicles.” the notice reads. “Approved areas are the breakroom and picnic area out front. You can no longer be in the parking lot during work time without permission from your Supervisor. 
Failure to comply with our safety rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.”

Breaks are often the only time that many workers have to take a moment for themselves. They offer workers a chance to disconnect and dissociate for a few moments before they get back to the demanding rigors of their job. It seems absurd to impose requirements on this time, especially when the worker’s breaks are unpaid. Some exhausted workers relish the chance to remove themselves entirely from their work environment; getting out and into your vehicle during your break is one of the things that allows you to take back a little control of your day.

Readers were outraged at these rules and let their thoughts be known in the comments. What are your thoughts on this?

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