Employee Finds Out They're About to Be Laid Off, Finds Best Ways To Make Their Employer Uncomfortable

There’s nothing worse than getting laid off. Just kidding! There is something objectively worse than that: finding out you’re getting laid off from an outside source days before it happens. Being terminated without pay is possibly maybe somewhat worse than getting let go, but getting let go always feels slimier, especially when your job is seemingly cut for no reason. Getting laid off is like saying, “we’ll give you a little unemployment as a treat.” It’s seemingly innocuous, but it’s simply a more socially acceptable way to get the boot. 

One Reddit user found out they were being let go and wanted to get some revenge. To do so, they asked Reddit what they should do to make the day they were getting laid off as uncomfortable as possible for their bosses. The responses were creative, compelling, and proudly went a bit too far.