Douchebag Husband Cooks Jalapeño Poppers, Complains That Chemo Patient Wife Isn't Doing it Instead

For all society tells us that romantic relationships and marriage are an essential part of adult life, many of them don’t seem like they’re very happy. While it’s a natural instinct for most of us to want a significant other, that doesn’t mean that the one we end up with will be good for us. It’s a terrifying fact, but it often takes years of being with somebody to see their true, unflattering colors. Often, it is worse than could ever be imagined. Case in point is a video posted by @teamdoubleg16, in which a husband and wife have a conversation about the jalapeño poppers that he is making. The husband complains that she should have cooked them while he was golfing, apparently trashing her for resting after chemotherapy. Viewers were incensed by the video, unable to tell if it was a joke. Even though they might not be serious, it’s still kind of scary.