Deranged Job Posting Demands Applicants Grandparents Must Be Born In United States

So many job postings list very strange requirement for applying. Sometimes they’re innocuous, like jobs that anyone could learn in 3 days needing applicants with 3-5 years of full time working experience. Other instances are shadier, like when jobs that require no manual labor whatsoever need employees who have the ability to life 30-50 pounds. That was a requirement for my job as a library security guard. The heaviest thing I had to lift in that job was a walkie talkie. 

It’s far less socially accepted to have arbitrary requirements regarding applicants race and nationality. Even though employers claim that these aren’t factors they take into consideration, many recruiters secretly do. Some recruiters even show their slips on the job listing itself. A redditor found such a posting, looking for applicants who had “English as the first language, American accent. We are looking for a local, a person whose grandparents were born in the US.” Such a strange and xenophobic request caught the attention of redditors, who had a lot to say about the racist request.