Depop Seller Sparks Jokes and Confusion for Selling “Virtual Catholic Confession”

Just as American society was becoming ever so slightly more secular, Christianity decided to have its moment in the sun again. Every other irony-poisoned, city-dwelling Millennial and Gen Z seems to be turning to the word of the Lord for comfort in these debauched times — more specifically, the pomp and ceremony of Catholicism. 

Ever since notorious actress and podcast co-host Dasha Nekrasova chose to revert back to the faith, the trappings of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit have become a verified trend. There’s just something about the high drama of the oldest branch of the Christian religion that is pleasing to some, at least aesthetically speaking. 

As far as the practice goes, though, things can get a little more questionable. This has been exemplified recently in an outrageous find on Depop, where a supposed Catholic private school student claims to be offering the virtual absolution of sins for $5 each. Those on Twitter were pretty skeptical, whether they were religious or not. The Pope probably wouldn’t think that a clothes reselling app is a replacement for the confession box.