Beautiful Times Nextdoor Brought Pettiness and Comedy to the Internet

Out here in New York City, most of us have too many neighbors to bother getting to know them. or communicate with anyone. While there are a few neighborhood or block associations that strive to bring the community together, but they can be pretty insular. People in my neighborhood don’t use sites like Nextdoor to communicate. It’s usually a quick “How ya doin?” or, when something is amiss, a quick complaint session on the sidewalk. 

Thanks to the Internet, we know that this is not the case in the suburbs. We’ve come to this conclusion thanks to the incredible Best of Nextdoor Twitter account. Their MO is to share screenshots from this site that is supposed to connect neighbors in a positive way. As is the case with many well-intentioned projects, the site isn’t just used for good. It’s often to call people out, threaten people, and even complain about stuff as inane as what people wear when they leave the house. We’re happy to report that it’s also used for more wholesome purposes. Our favorite posts, however, involve people who don’t actually know how to use Nextdoor or use it to unknowingly broadcast their hilarious ignorance. If you want more, there are years of cringey material to enjoy over on Twitter.