An Acceptable Assembly of Random memes

My perception of time and how it passes has been pretty muddled these days. Spending these long hours at the old work desk can make it feel like our free time seems is slipping through our fingers at an impressive speed. The truth, however, is that we never owned any of our time to begin with. When you factor in your job, soul-crushing responsibilities like chores, and caring for our families, there’s an alarming lack of seconds that we are able dedicate to self-care. That is a pretty serious problem. Life is too short for living like this. We think it is high time we take back those stolen hours, or even seconds, that should have always been ours. We need them to feel human. So we’re here to help that cause with some random memes to help you ease into doing things for *you*. Cuz nothing says self-care like scrolling through achingly relatable and incredibly stupid memes.