A Skinful of Memes to Last the Night

Greetings, weary internet traveller. You’ve found yourself at the door of yet another list of random memes to comfort those tired eyes in their time of need. We can only hope that you’re sitting comfortably, because who knows what realms of content you might journey through in this several minute scroll. This rambling selection of things selected from the dregs of the meme world could bring you anything and everything, and is likely to provide ample distraction from whatever else is on your mind. We might not be able to promise that it’s the perfect experience, or that it brings you everything you want. Nonetheless, it is here to give you everything that you need. Sometimes, a humble slice of escapism is all we can ask for after a long day of dealing with being online. So take a deep breath, and get ready for all the things that are going to come at you next. You might just like them.