A Pleasant Pairing of Random Memes and Random Tweets

Sometimes it feels like everyone I know is detrimentally caught up in productivity and being busy. I don’t know how to tell y’all this, but it’s not some kind of badge of honor  to bring up when talking with friends or family. “Oh my god, I’m so busy right now, when will it all stop?” they say to their peers when they’re asked about how they’re doing. Only it’s not just “right now.” After a while it starts to feel like that answer is all anyone has to say or wants to talk about. Busy has become a standard. It’s almost as though if you’re not stressed or just constantly grinding, you’re doing it wrong and guilty of being a slacker. It’s really not a sustainable way to live. Now, it may not be productive or brain-enhancing to fritter away the hours scrolling through memes, but there’s also nothing actually wrong with taking a little bit of time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. When this monotonous and stress-filled existence brings us very few moments of relaxation, it’s perfectly understanding that we’d try to improve our mood in any way possible. So why shield yourself from the healing experience of a few giggles? Instead, we urge you to embrace the memes. You deserve them.