A Completely Adequate Collection of Entertaining Memes and Tweets

Today I congratulated myself for making the bed, and also for finishing my coffee before it was cold. I may not have drank a 16 oz glass of water like I had plugged into my productivity app, but listen. Nobody’s perfect. Not even Keanu Reeves. I’m sure he has a devious thought every now and then, or orders Uber Eats instead of cooking his own meals. Anyway, the obsession with perfection, productivity, and self-care is getting ridiculous. Even my therapist agrees. We set such high bars for ourselves, often thanks to the unrealistic expectations flying around social media, and end up setting high bars for everything (and everyone) else in our lives, too. Even memes. Everyone wants “the best” and “the smartest” memes. It’s almost as if they forgot that memes are supposed to be a quick endeavor, a smart thought that’s illustrated and rapidly immortalized through internet distribution. Memes are for the people. And like the people, they’re imperfect. So here’s a bunch of memes that embody that flawed spirit. They’ve got humor, a little bit of wit, a whole lot of stupidity, and we like them that way. We hope you do, too.