15 Cringiest Dad Jokes and Memes That Are Somehow Awkwardly Funnier After 3 AM

There are a lot of different kinds of jokes, but dad jokes in particular really take the cake. Why? Because for some reason, dads genuinely think that they’re funny. Yours, especially. Of course, the nice waitress at his favorite restaurant usually doesn’t (Though she will smile awkwardly). Nor does the bored-looking teenage girl who’s chewing gum at the checkout counter at Target. But your dad is gonna chuckle all the same as if he said the most brilliant thing in the world. 


The older we get, the more we find ourselves appreciating this kind of humor. Call it a guilty pleasure. Why else would we have joined the subreddit ‘Dad Jokes‘? In real life, it’s embarrassing. On the internet, it’s funny. Sorry, guess we’re not as cool as we think we are. Scroll down and check out these cringey jokes that are somehow a heck of a lot funnier after 3 am. You’ll probably enjoy these, even if it’s not 3 am, and you’re just procrastinating at work. In that case, check these memes out, too.